Bike repair in Rotterdam

Bike repair in Rotterdam

Did your bike break down? Worry no more. For fast and easy bike repair in Rotterdam, call Centrumbikes. The bike repair service of Centrumbikes ensures you will be back on the road in no time. The shop is near the center of Rotterdam.

Bike repair Rotterdam

Good quality bikes

Good quality bikes for ladies and gentlemen. The bikes are carefully picked and maintained by skilled workers to ensure there is nothing standing in your way of enjoying the city to the fullest.

How does it work?

You can contact the shop by calling or emailing. Then stop by to shop so that our craftsmen can take a look. Explore the city by foot, metro or tram for a day. You will be back on the road after a day. If you need a bike lock, it is possible to get one. Bike repair in Rotterdam is fast and easy at Centrumbikes.

Biking in Rotterdam

Rotterdam has much to offer, from cool harbours to modern galleries, from the Kralingse bos to futuristic architecture like the Erasmus bridge. If you want to explore it’s highlights the real Dutch way, get your bike repaired.

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Call our shop to see if you can stop by.


Get your bike checked by a craftsman.


Pick the bike you like.

On your way

Now you can check out the beautiful city of Rotterdam.

Bike repair Rotterdam